Frown Serum


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What is it?
A groundbreaking, scientifically proven formula that helps to smooth and soften frown lines.

What does it do?
?With the product’s active ingredients, frown lines become lighter, muscle tension reduces in the forehead area and deep lines become less prominent. Regular serum use assists in softening and improving the appearance of expression lines such as crows feet and frown lines, to give you a more youthful appearance. It also leaves tired-looking skin more refreshed, more elastic and healthier.

Other things to know?
Formulated for use with C-Quence Cleanser, C-Quence Toner, C-Quence Crème and C-Quence 1-4 serums. Faster results can be obtained when used in conjunction with Environ’s™ home skin needling kits, Cosmetic Roll-CIT™, Gold Roll-CIT™ or Focus-CIT™. Suitable for all skin types. Packaging: 20 ml dropper bottle

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